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Going through a divorce can be painful, complicated, and messy. Having adequate representation to handle your affairs from the beginning will assist in helping protect your rights in custodial issues, child support, property settlements and fair compensation when warranted. Attorney Michelle De Los Santos understands that this can be a grueling and expensive process and works as your advocate and liaison in these negotiations to navigate the process for a reasonable resolution.


When divorce proceedings involve children, determining the custodial parent can be a complicated process. One parent may favor their parenting skills over the other, and the child may be caught in the middle of a potentially volatile situation. Attorney Michelle De Los Santos handles custodial cases and modifications in a discreet and professional manner, understanding the sensitive nature of the situation while placing the child’s best interest in the forefront. The State of Georgia has specific guidelines on determining the award of custody, and we work diligently to ensure our clients have the best advocate on their side.

Being educated is the first step in the process. Attorney Michelle De Los Santos provides pertinent information on what custody is, what it means, and the requirements to win the case. Parents should try and work cooperatively as much as possible for the best interest of the child.

In Georgia, unmarried fathers have no legal rights to their children unless they file a petition for Legitimation. If granted, a petition for legitimation will allow the father to have custody rights. Attorney Michelle De Los Santos represents mothers and fathers. We do not favor mothers over fathers, and vice versa. Our goal is to make sure our clients are satisfied, that we have provided adequate representation, and the child is in a loving and stable environment.

Child Support

The State of Georgia mandates both parents to responsibly provide for the care and support of their minor child. Child support is a means of meeting this responsibility in the event of a divorce or situation where the parents are unmarried. 

Child support is made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to help defray expenses incurred for the minor child. This support lasts until the child reaches the age of 18, or high school graduation, whichever occurs later. The amount of support is determined by the financials obtained and the decision of a judge. 

If you have a child support order established and the non-custodial parent is not meeting their obligation, Attorney Michelle De Los Santos can represent you in taking enforcement action. 

Temporary Protective Orders

In Georgia, a restraining order, more commonly known as a temporary protective order or TPO, restricts contact between individuals. TPOs are typically issued by a judge without a full hearing and based only on an accuser’s claims. If a TPO is violated, the individual who has a TPO against him or her could go to jail. Timing is essential in challenging a TPO. Inaction could put you at risk for a permanent protective order. Meanwhile, violating a TPO can result in your arrest for Aggravated Stalking. A number of burdens are placed upon a defendant in TPO legal matters. Attorney Michelle De Los Santos can assist you in requesting or contesting a TPO when it precedes or accompanies a legal separation or divorce, or potentially impacts a post-judgment modification, contempt, or child custody action.

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